Rules and regulations for using the sauna

1. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the premises of the sauna, relax room and mini-bar.

2. Using the sauna is recommended only to people in good health and visitors use these premises at their own risk

3. Do not enter the sauna if you are hungry or too full. It is recommended to eat about two hours before visiting the sauna. It is strictly prohibited to use the sauna under the influence of alcohol.

4. For hygiene reasons, we recommend wearing slippers.

5. Lending of a sheet is included in the sauna entrance fee.

6. For hygiene reasons, access to the sauna is only allowed without swimwear.

What to do in the dressing room before using the sauna?

Take all your clothes off in the dressing room and lock all your belongings in a locker. Do not forget to remove any metal objects to prevent burns as they can become very hot in the sauna. Women are recommended to remove any makeup; the cosmetics may clog their pores.

It is mandatory to have a shower before use.

Before entering the sauna, please have a thorough shower using soap and then dry off. Dry skin will sweat faster than wet or damp skin.

How to use the sauna?

Take a sheet with you and sit or lay down on it. When you are lying down, your body warms up more evenly. The temperature is always lower in the lower benches compared to upper levels. Beginners should therefore choose these places first. People who are not used to sauna should limit their visits to 5-10 minutes. Other visitors are recommended to stay for 10-15 minutes and then cool down. The cycle should be repeated three times. Listen to your body; it will let you know when it has had enough.

Breathe through our mouth; the dry air dries out the mucous membranes. If you wish, you may massage your body with a brush while you sweat.

After using the sauna, your body should be cooled down. If a pool is available in the sauna, first take a cold shower and then enter the cooling pool. Start showering from your feet. Never jump into the pool. In our sauna, a cooling bucket is also available.

Have a relaxing break after every sauna cycle. Sit or lay down in the relax room and let your body calm down and dry naturally. The resting period should be at least 10 minutes long. After that you may start a new sauna cycle. Enter the sauna only once your skin is dry.

After the end of the sauna session, patrons should rest for about 30 minutes. Feel free to use the comfortable loungers in our relax room. When ready to leave, make sure to have a shower. It is also very important to replenish the fluids that you lost during your sauna session.